Culvert & Driveway Permits

  • The construction of a driveway on any property in the Town of Lawrence requires a permit from the Town.

  • All driveways require a culvert.

  • Any driveway or approach constructed in Town-right-a-way is for the bona-fide purpose of securing access to the property and not for the purpose of parking or servicing vehicles, or for advertising, storage or merchandising of goods on the Town-right-a-way.

  • Upon issuance of a permit to install access driveway, the permit fee shall furnish all materials, do all work, and pay all costs in connection with the construction and maintenance of the driveway and its appurtenances on the right-a-way.  Materials used shall be corrugated metal culvert pipe and the type of construction shall be as designated and subject to approval of the Lawrence Town Board.  The permit fee shall make the installation without jeopardy to or interference with traffic using the Town road.  Town road surfaces, shoulders, ditches, and vegetation disturbed shall be restored to equivalent or original condition by the permit fee.

  • The Town of Lawrence shall be held harmless against any action for personal injury or property damage sustained by reason or exercise of a permit to construct a driveway.

  • Driveway culverts shall be eighteen (18) inches in diameter by twenty-eight (28) feet in length with end walls for residential properties.  A minimum of fifteen (15) inches in diameter is permissible with approval from the Town Building Inspector for properties with ditches low in debt.

  • The maximum culvert size shall not exceed forty (40) feet in length for commercial, business or industrial properties.

  • The surface of the driveway connecting with rural-type highway sections shall slope down and away from the highway shoulder and sufficient amount and distance to preclude ordinary surface water drainage from the driveway area flowing into the road roadbed.  The driveway shall not obstruct or impair drainage in highway side ditches or roadside areas.  Driveway culverts shall be adequate for surface water drainage along the road and in no case less than the equivalent of 15-inch diameter pipe in new or like new condition.  The size shall be approved by the Town of Lawrence Building Inspector.

  • No non-commercial driveway or combination of driveways shall have a width less than sixteen (16) feet nor greater than twenty-four (24) feet measured at right angles to the centerline of the driveway.

  • No commercial driveway shall have a width less than sixteen (16) feet nor greater than thirty-five (35) feet measured at right angles to the centerline of the driveway.

  • The construction operation shall conform to all requirements for the specific class of work as may be set forth in the Wisconsin Statutes and to regulation imposed by all legally empowered commission boards, or, individuals having jurisdiction therein.

  • Driveway side slopes shall be of earth material only.  No concrete, stone, or bituminous side slopes shall be constructed.  If end walls are to be used on the culvert, the slope of the walls shall not be steeper than a 3:1 slope and the elevation of the walls shall not protrude above the grade of the driveway.

  • The Town of Lawrence Town Board reserves the right to make such changes, additions, and re-locations within statutory limits on the right-a-way as may at any time be considered necessary to permit the relocation, widening, and maintaining of the highway, or to provide proper protection to life and property on the highway.

Culvert Permits included with a building permit - $25.00 for each culvert after first one. 

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