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Where does voting take place?
Voting on Election Day is held at the Lawrence Town Hall located at 2400 Shady Court, De Pere, Wisconsin.
What school district do I live in?
There are two school districts in the Town of Lawrence, the West De Pere School District, and the Wrightstown School District.
Where can I put my mailbox?
Contact the local Post Office for instructions and regulations.
When is trash and recycling picked up?
Trash is picked up at curbside every Monday. Recycling is picked up every other Monday. Bins should be placed curbside no earlier than 6:00pm Sunday evening, and no later than 6:00am Monday morning. Collection times can vary without notice For current recycling schedule and more information, please visit the website below.
Where can I take brush, garden waste, leaves and grass clippings?
Garden waste, leaves and grass clippings can be taken to the Town of Lawrence compost facility located behind the Fire Station at 2595 French Road. This facility is for Town of Lawrence residents ONLY. You must obtain a window sticker at the Town Hall prior to use.
How can I get rid of large items such as carpet and pads, swings sets, bikes, lawnmowers, grills, etc.?
You can arrange to have these items picked up by GFL by calling 920-983-3341 for an additional fee or you can visit the Brown County Resource Recovery website below for additional disposal options.
Where can I dispose cans of paint?
Visit Brown County Resource Recovery website below for information on how to dispose of paint and other materials.
How can I dispose of my Christmas tree?
Real Christmas trees are accepted at the Town Yard Waste Drop-off Facility located behind the Fire Station at 2595 French Road.
How do I separate the recyclable items?
All acceptable recycling material can be placed in the recycling container provided by the Town.
How do I obtain a trash and/or recycling container?
Contact Town Hall at 920-336-9131 or by email at townhall@lawrencewi.gov
Where can I dispose of unused prescription drugs?
There is a drug drop-off box inside of the Town Hall during regular business hours. For more information please click the link below.
Where can I pay a fine/citation?
In person payments of a citation or fine can be made at the Hobart/Lawrence Municipal Court, 2990 S. Pine Tree Rd, Hobart, WI 54155.
Where do I pay my water bill?
Payments are accepted in person, or by mail at the Town of Lawrence Business Office at 2400 Shady Ct., De Pere, WI 54115. There is also the option of having your payment automatically deducted out of your bank account. Please see below for details regarding our ACH Automatic Payment Form. The office accepts cash or checks. Checks can be made out to the Town of Lawrence.
Where do I get a dog license?
The Town of Lawrence has an ordinance requiring the licensing of all dogs. Residents are allowed to have TWO dogs at a residence. To obtain a license, residents will need to provide a current rabies certificate from a veterinarian’s office, pay an annual fee of $5.00 for a neutered or spayed dog and $10.00 for a non-neutered or non-spayed dog. After March 31st, there is a late fee of $5.00 added on to the license fee. The dog license can be obtained at the Town Hall during business hours. A dog license expires on December 31 of each year. Click the link below for more information
Who do I contact regarding my property assessment?
The Town’s assessor is Associated Appraisal.
Who do I call if the snowplow damages my mailbox?
Please call the Town of Lawrence Office at (920) 336-9131.
Is a building permit required?
Building permits are required for most projects except for purely cosmetic projects such as painting or flooring. It is always a good idea to check if a permit is required PRIOR to starting. Please contact the Town Hall at (920) 336-9131.
What municipality do I reside in?
The Town of Lawrence is your municipality, even though your address is De Pere.
Where is the nearest Post Office?
The nearest Post Office is located in the City of De Pere, at 123 S 9th St, De Pere, WI 54115.
Where can I find more information about the Hobart-Lawrence Police Department?
The Hobart-Lawrence Police Department website is located at https://www.hobart-wi.org/police-deparment
Why do I sometimes see a fire truck respond with an ambulance when there is no fire?
The Town of Lawrence has Medical First Responders that are dispatched along with the ambulance to medical calls. Many of these First Responder’s are also members of the Lawrence Fire Dept. If those members are close to or at the fire station when a call comes in they will take a fire truck to the call, as our fire trucks also carry medical equipment. The City of DePere Fire/Rescue provides the paramedic level ambulance service and transport to the hospital.
Why do I see fire trucks from neighboring departments at fires in Lawrence?
The Lawrence Fire department has automatic aid/mutual aid agreements with all of the fire departments in Brown County and neighboring departments in Outagamie County. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that for every structure fire that there be a minimum of 15 firefighters on scene within 8 minutes. Lawrence is a small department, often times with limited personnel available. Having these agreements allows us to put those initial 15 firefighters on scene in a relatively quick timeframe and often times extinguishing the fire in short order. If the fire continues to spread we will then activate the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) which in turn sends additional apparatus and firefighters from a larger area.
Why do you block so many lanes at traffic accidents?
It’s for the safety of our personnel and the patients we are treating. Unfortunately many of today’s drivers are distracted and not watching the road and nearby surroundings. Blocking extra lanes keeps a buffer between traffic that is still moving, the vehicles involved in the accident, and our firefighters. One of the most dangerous places for our members to be is out on the highway when vehicles don’t slow down or move over.
My carbon monoxide alarm just went off, what do I do?
First check the detector and batteries for proper functioning. If they appear to be working properly call 911 immediately and evacuate the building. Carbon Monoxide is a tasteless, odorless gas. Exposure to high levels can result in severe injury or even death.
How can I ask a question of the fire department?
If you have a question in regards to smoke and CO detectors, open burning, fire and medical safety, or anything else we may be able to assist you with, you are encouraged to call the Lawrence Town Hall at 920-336-9131 and leave a message with the receptionist. They will notify the Fire Chief or Assistant Chief to get in touch with you and answer any questions you may have. If you feel at any point it may be an emergency do not hesitate to call 911.
Are Lawrence firefighters volunteer or do they get paid?
Yes, when they respond to a call and for our training. Our members carry pagers and work their regular jobs. When the pager goes off, they respond to the call, perform their duties as a firefighter, and return to work. The same holds true for calls at night, our members respond from home to the call. Neither of our stations has any full-time staffing although you can oftentimes find our members at the station training or performing equipment maintenance.
Results 1-26 of 26