Recycling Collection Services

The Town of Lawrence also contracts with GFL for Residential Recycling Collection. 

Curbside Recycling:

  • Place all recycling materials loose in the recycling cart.
  • The town follows Brown County Port Authority’s regulations for recycling. For information on what is recyclable, please click on the link:  Brown County Port & Recovery Authority
  • DO NOT use, or dispose of, plastic bags of any kind in your recycling cart.
  • Plastic motor oil bottles are NOT recyclable. Put plastic motor oil bottles in the trash.

Curbside placement of carts:

Place the cart with the arrow on the lid pointing toward the street, but not in the road right-of-way. Do not place the cart within three (3) feet of any object five (5) feet would be ideal) and do not park any vehicles in front of the cart. If possible, please place the garbage cart on one side of the driveway and the recycling cart on the other side, but make sure your mailbox is accessible.

Garbage Bin Placement

The carts are the property of GFL and must be left at the residence. Each cart has a unique serial number which has been assigned to your residence. If you would like to mark your carts with your name or address, we suggest using masking tape (or other non-permanent tape) on which to write your identifying information. You can then affix it to the underside (inside) of the cart lid.  DO NOT use any permanent methods to label your cart.

Rules and Regulations to Follow to Ensure that your recycling gets picked up properly:

  • Please DO NOT set carts in or on top of snow banks. It will not be collected when placed in such manner.
  • Please DO NOT park a vehicle on the street in front of the carts or place your carts alongside of a parked vehicle on the street. It will not be collected when placed in such manner.
  • Please DO NOT place carts under trees or close to mailboxes.
  • Please DO NOT set additional bags of garbage or other materials outside of the container.

For direct inquiries to GFL for additional large item pick service, you may call (920) 983-3341 to make arrangements.  GFL will bill you directly for these extra services.

For further information on Town Garbage & Recycling Services or if your garbage or recycle bin needs repair or replacement due to damage please call the Town Office at (920) 336-9131.  

2024 Trash & Recycling Schedule

Please have your trash & recycling to the street by 6:00 a.m. on Monday mornings

Collection times can vary without notice

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