Brush and Yard Waste

Brush and Yard Waste

*Dumping grass clippings in ditches and vacant lots is prohibited.*

The facility is available for Town of Lawrence residents only. Please obtain a window sticker from the Town Office prior to use of the facility. The Town Yard Waste Facility is located in front of the Town hall / behind the Fire Department. The Yard Waste Facility is monitored by video surveillance cameras.

                                   Acceptable Items                                                  Unacceptable Items

                                      Grass Clippings                                                                                   Refuse

                                             Leaves                                                                               Concrete/Gravel/Sand

                                       Garden Waste                                                                                      Tires    

                                            Branches                                                                              Building Materials 



                                                                                                                                                Animal Feces

Other yard materials such as shrubs with a root ball and stumps may be brought to Daanen & Janssen’s Quarry located at 1792 Scray Hill Road, De Pere, WI 54115 for a fee.  

**The town does not have curbside pickup for brush, leaves or Christmas trees.

Fall Yard Maintenance

What Should I Do With My Leaves?
Chop your leaves before composting or mulching with a hoe, shovel, or power mower to help them decompose more quickly.

Leaves make an excellent addition to any compost pile.  

Leaves are rich in carbon, phosphorus, and potassium — all essential nutrients needed by plants. Spread autumn leaves over your garden and around the bases of bushes, trees, and perennials. During the winter, leaves minimize the alternate freezing and thawing of the soil which often damages plant roots. Pine needles and oak leaves make a good mulch for acid-loving perennials like rhododendrons, lilies of the valley, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, spruces, yews, butterfly weed and cardinal flowers.

Christmas Trees

Please do not discard your tree at curbside. The trash hauler will not pick up Christmas Trees.

Again this year real Christmas trees will be accepted at the Town Yard Waste Drop-off Facility located at 2400 Shady Court. Please remove all tinsel, wires, ornaments, hooks and tree stands. 

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